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The Surfrider Foundation’s Blue Water Task Force

Bryan Kranitz

A dedicated leader, Bryan Kranitz serves as president and founder of Justice Energy in Los Angeles, California. In this capacity, he oversees the daily operations of the company and handles business development. Active within his community, Bryan Kranitz supports several organizations dedicated to protecting the ocean and beaches, including the Surfrider Foundation.

As part of its efforts, the Surfrider Foundation maintains several programs, including the Blue Water Task Force (BWTF). This volunteer-run program focuses on advocacy, water testing, and education.
The water-testing efforts employed by the BWTF measure bacteria levels at freshwater and marine beaches. Measured levels are then compared to the Environmental Protection Agency’s water quality standards to determine any problems.
Once a beach or coastal water pollution issue is identified through water testing, local stakeholders, citizens, and officials are notified. The public is then educated about the issue so they can work collaboratively with officials to implement solutions. Learning about the problem also helps citizens know how to prevent such issues from occurring the future.
In addition to raising public awareness and testing water sources, the BWTF works to establish water quality monitoring programs. Its own programs are designed to fill in any data gaps in state and local water-testing efforts, and focus on improving public safety along beaches.

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